Summer Tips for Special Needs Kids

Summer Tips For Special Kids

With the school year coming to an end and summertime upon us, many activities can be implemented to keep special needs children on the go. Here are some great ideas:

Keep them moving! Fight complacency and engage your children in plenty of physical exercise. Sign them up for summer sports such as baseball and softball leagues or swimming classes to name a few. Help them understand the competition of team sports and challenge them to become involved in physical activities.

Do fun activities as a family. There are plenty of activities that are free and encourage everyone in the family to become involved. Running, walking, and bike riding in the neighborhood or throughout the city’s trails and parks are great ideas. Get out into the backyard to jump on the trampoline or to play a game of catch, wiffleball, horseshoes, or washers, to name a few.

Explore your city’s culture. Take your kids to the local zoo, botanical gardens, and museums. Many places have free or reduced prices for family events on specific days. Often, parks feature free musical events, food tastings, and fairs that are tons of fun!

Play board games as a break from technology. Checkers and chess only need two players and enhance critical thinking skills. Other board games such as Sorry and Monopoly teach cooperation and team spirit. Playing card games like Hearts, Rummy and Rook promote great family time.

Read, read, read! Complete a summer reading list for your children based upon their upcoming grades. Have plenty of books available for “down time” and travel time during vacations and summer camps.

Whatever your family chooses to do, have fun this summer!